Thursday, December 18, 2014

Swamp Men

As near as I can tell, I didn't actually contribute anything to this latest issue of COMIC BOOK CREATOR but they sent it to me anyway and I want to highly recommend it! 

At 197 pages, this is the long delayed BOOK, basically, detailing the histories of all of comics' various swamp monsters. The Heap, The Glob, Swamp Thing, Man-Thing and a surprising selection of similar mucky mucks are all highlighted and given the spotlight treatment from guest editor George Khoury and regular editor Jon B. Cooke.

With lots of rare art and photos in color and black and white, this was clearly a labor of love and well worth the steeper than normal cover price if you've ever enjoyed some of these often excellent comic books. 

In fact, the issue is ON SALE now for 15% off that regular price if you order at this link:

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