Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Signed Martin Grams Books on Amazon

For a limited time only (as in "while they last") I'm offering several each of signed copies of three of the most popular titles by author Martin Grams, Jr. at Amazon.

THE HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL COMPANION is the wonderful book about the intelligent western classic starring the great Richard Boone, delving into behind the scenes and on-air info on every episode.

UPDATE: We no longer list THE SHADOW at Amazon but we DO have ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS. Unsigned copies of THE SHADOW are still listed at the BOOKSTEVE RARITIES link below.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE is another thick volume detailing the ins and outs and behind the scenes info on the great science-fiction TV classic created by Rod Serling. 

The first 2 books, signed, are $50.00 each and the 3rd is $60.00. You can find them while they last under my name as "New" copies from individual sellers at Amazon.

If you're not into autographed books, unsigned copies can be ordered at a lesser price along with many of Martin's other fascinating books on TV and radio history here:

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