Monday, October 03, 2011

Thanks and Apologies

Just wanted to apologize for the lack of more substantial posts around here lately. Two weeks of a bad cold, blood pressure issues and insomnia take a toll on one's creativity.

Thanks to all who've made blog donations and DVD orders recently. They all help.

We managed to get our Internet bill paid (although still a month behind) and now we have ten days to pull together enough to keep the power from being turned off.

We've started gathering stuff to sell both locally and on the Web. I also wanted to once again throw out the offer that if you've seen me write about anything from our library over these past six years that you might like, feel free to make an offer. Can't guarantee I'll take it or even that we still have the item as we've had to divest ourselves of more things than I would have liked in recent years already.

We also have open ad space available. Since the remarkable publicity my GEEK'S JORNAL-1976 blog has received this year, traffic is up on all of my blogs and subject to huge bursts from time to time. My rates, I'm told, are downright cheap so hit me up if you have a product or event to publicize.

Goes without saying, of course, that blog donations are still being accepted through Paypal and if you're reading this blog and haven't checked out ourDVD sale collection yet (for which this blog gets a percentage of every one sold), I guarantee you'll find something there you like!

Now that I'm feeling better, I've got several book reviews to catch up on and an absolute ton of stuff we haven't even scratched the surface on yet here at Booksteve's Library! Stick with us!

Oh, that poster above? I just saw it on the Web and thought it was cool!

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