Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Curse of the Phantom Shadow

I get requests all the time to help promote various Kickstarter projects. You don't often see the results here because, quite frankly, I turn many of these well-intentioned ideas down. Some I even feel sorry for as they give me no indication that they would ever be able to live up to their lofty promises even if they met their often unrealistic goals.

Then something like THE CURSE OF THE PHANTOM SHADOW, an homage to the classic serial days, comes along. I don't know Mark Ross. Never heard of him. But he wrote me a letter about his project. It may even have been a form letter but it was well-written enough to convey a genuine sense of professionalism and geeky love and respect for his project. This doesn't come across, as many do, as simply a money-making endeavor but as something he wants to get accomplished just for the flat-out coolness of it!

Much of the film is already shot. They're just looking for a relatively small amount of cash to finish it. Mark, his crew and his actors even offer the nifty video above to give some some tantalizing hints of the footage.

I want to see this film. With the real world news just making you want to scream day after day, I could use a good, old-fashioned fun action film like this. But with less than $100.00 in my bank account at the moment and the electric bill looming this week, I'm sorry to say I can't contribute a dime. But maybe YOU can. And I can spread the word and so can you. Post the video and the Kickstarter link on Facebook. Let's see if we can bring THE CURSE OF THE PHANTOM SHADOW to light! Thanks! And good luck, Mark!

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  1. awesome and thank you for supporting Mark and his baby!!!