Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disconnected? Not With Your Help!

Our new online book sale is off to a great start with more than $200.00 made in the first week and a half...but parts of that go toward postage and parts toward groceries. We're still fighting a good fight to earn enough to keep from being disconnected at the beginning of the month. If that happens, not only do all of booksteve's blogs crash to a (temporary) halt but we won't be able to check the bookstore site to see if we've sold anything either!

We post a handful of new items for sale  daily at the site (see link above). If you haven't done so yet, please check and see if there's anything you'd like. Even our highest priced items are less than you'll find on eBay or Amazon but more in line with what I feel they're actually worth. Other than postage and PayPal fees, we get 100% of the profits from anything ordered from BOOKSTEVE'S BOOKSTORE PLUS! Should you be inclined more to rare DVD's, check out BOOKSTEVE'S RARITIES where we get a percentage of each sale from there, also. If you just want to help out, you can always hit the Donation button to the right, also.

Right now it looks like we might just make it...barely...but then have little left for groceries before additional money is expected in a couple of weeks into the month.

Like everyone else in this economy, we're surviving, but the stress isn't good. I have no doubt we're going to make it in the long run but if selling you some books helps out in the short run, that's cool with me. Check  us out at: http://bookstevesbookstore.blogspot.com/

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