Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Starlost-1973 Promotional Film

THE STARLOST, co-created but written off by Harlan Ellison, was heavily touted at the time but since it was a syndicated program in the US, it was never picked up by any of my local stations. Thus I never saw a single episode until this past year when I saw the pilot (which featured a fun performance by Sterling Hayden that contrasted greatly with the wooden performances of the leads including 2001 star Keir Dullea). What we have here appears to be a promo film sent around to local stations to help sell it. I can see why no one bought it now.


  1. I remember watching The Starlost on CTV as an elementary school student. Seems they ran it once, and never again - which is odd for a network that showed so many reruns.

    I hadn't thought of the show for years until last week when I discovered that respected stage director Leo Orenstein directed two episodes.

    The things we do to buy groceries.

  2. I saw a few episodes when I was a kid. I think they have the whole series on DVD.