Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ITCH Officially Debuts!

Here is a copy of today's official press release detailing the spruced up and prettified opening of I.T.C.H. where for some time now you can find my more-or-less daily column of comics-oriented links (as praised by no less than Dave Gibbons!). I say "more-or-less daily" because it always seems that for one reason or another I miss it on days like today when there's an official press release or something! Timing. I am cursed to appreciate good timing and yet have none. Look for me back there first thing tomorrow, though. I've got the ITCH. Have you?

For Immediate Release:

They’ve Got the ITCH!--Comics History Group Blog Debuts.

The International Team of Comics Historians (I.T.C.H.) announces a new fascinating group blog: THE ITCH BLOG http://theITCHblog.com

This week is the grand opening of the blog! Built on the backs of the late, popular Arf Lovers Blog, and with a soft opening over the last few weeks, The ITCH Blog is now in full force! Bloggers include Tom Heintjes, publisher of “Hogan’s Alley.” His first post this week features the sexy girly cartoons of Paul Murry, the famed Mickey Mouse comic book artist.

Every Tuesday, D.J. David B specializes in presenting audio recordings of rare rock songs about comic characters. This week ITCH’s resident DJ spins something unusual, an audio recording featuring “The New Yorker” cartoonist James Thurber’s “The Unicorn in the Garden.”

On an amazing daily basis, “Book Steve” Thompson turns readers on to the latest, greatest links to interesting comics history-oriented items on the Web.
Net Thursday, Beth Davies will be interviewing Trina Robbins about her recent book on cartoonist Nell Brinkley.

The world’s expert on Victorian Age comics, Doug Wheeler chimes in with a delightful cartoon related to the Olympics by cartoonist/fine artist Walt Kuhn.

Every hump day will be the bizarre Wacky Wonder Woman Wednesday, showcasing weird photos of beautiful women to ugly men who persist in dressing like the Amazon princess.

The ITCH Blog team is soon to be joined by animation expert J.J. Sedelmaier and political cartoon historian David Donihue. Other comics historians from around the world from Denmark to Italy and beyond are itching to get involved and are gearing up to participate in the exciting endeavor!

The ITCH Blog and the I.T.C.H. organization are founded by Craig Yoe, who “Vice” magazine calls, “The Indiana Jones of Comics Historians.” The blog is sponsored by Yoe Books!, an imprint of IDW, that recently published “The Art of Ditko” and is about to release “The Complete Milt Gross Comic Books and Life Story.” Yoe says, “We’ve just scratched the surface on The ITCH Blog and I’m thrilled that such luminaries are gathering together to share arcane knowledge and treasured rarities from the comics.”

Visit the blog at http://theITCHblog.com and please help spread the word. Thanks!

email: yoecomix@hotmail.com

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