Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The One Million Dollar Man

I suppose this was inevitable but I can't help wondering how ironic it is in light of Siegel and Shuster's well-known money troubles over the character. Superman's ACTION COMICS # 1 debut just sold to some idiot for One Million Dollars! I love comics more than just about anything but if I had a million dollars there are a hell of a lot more interesting and socially acceptable things I could do with it than pay that much for a comic book---especially one that even if I did dare to actually open it, I'd find the Man of Steel's short first appearance and a bunch of amazingly forgettable and not very well-done back-up stories. Historically important, yes. Good? No. I'm sure this copy is slabbed, however, and the guy will never even see the interior. Sigh. What has this hobby come to?

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