Sunday, February 21, 2010

Charlton Ad-1965

They weren't that good. They really weren't and yet there's most definitely something about Charlton Comics that can bring out nostalgia in even the strongest person. The 1965 issue of BLUE BEETLE seen in this ad, for instance, was probably one of the worst comic books of its period if not of all time. Dull writing and art, colorless (in spite of the title), almost generic Marvel rip-off characters... and was also my first exposure to BB and I've enjoyed him in most of his prior and later incarnations ever since.


  1. I adore Charlton comics. As you say they have a distinctive flavor, while not always great or even good is always specific and curious. If the stories aren't interesting in themselves the artists and writers are as is the way that Charlton went about its business.

    As for Tony Tallarico and Bill Fracchio, the artists on Blue Beetle, I've long been a defender of their work. I know it's not everyone's thing, many actively hate it and point to it as emblematic of what can go wrong in a Charlton comic. But beyond the sometimes clumsy surface features and unusual bodytypes, I find a fluid sense of motion in the work unlike any this side of Sekowsky or Kane.

    But I understand why folks don't cotton to it.

  2. I, too, am a Charlton junkie. In fact, when i gave my son my entire comic collection to him as graduation present----i recanted and took back all the Charltons!

    (by the way, Rip----i love your blog and it's on my daily reading list---always nice to see a few Charltons that I dont personally have in my collection!)