Thursday, February 25, 2010

Comics Interview and Me

It was December of 1991 and all was not well. I was driving my wife's car when the brakes and steering both locked up on a hill, on a curve, in heavy traffic. Within days of that my father died after sixteen months in a nursing home. The next evening, I got a phone call asking for me by name and I said, "What did I do, now?"

Well, the answer was that I had gotten the highest score on the COMICS INTERVIEW 100 Trivia Quiz and they were sending me one hundred dollars and were going to interview me for an upcoming issue! Here is that interview from what seems like so long ago now. I've always been kinda proud that my interview--at least when you include the illustrations--got nearly twice as many pages as Peter David's in the very same issue!


  1. That's really awesome! It's funny now, if they ran a contest like that - thanks to the internets everybody who entered would easily have a near perfect score. Plus, people are "too sophisticated" nowadays to get too excited over $100! really need to get yourself to Geppi's Entertainment Musuem in Baltimore's Inner Harbor (which I realize is quite a hike for you). I did a Disney slanted blog post about it a few years ago:

  2. I still have my autographed copy of Comics Interview magazine with (pre)Booksteve's article. Great stuff!