Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Mighty Heroes

Ralph Bakshi got his start working on this late TerryToons TV series in the sixties. Similar to DC's INFERIOR FIVE, the heroes were all rather inept but their hearts were in the right place and Diaper Man, Cuckoo Man, Rope Man, Strong Man and Tornado Man eventually got the job done!


  1. As I type this, I am barely a block away from the old TerryToons studio in New Rochelle, N.Y. It's now a produce market. Check out the interview with Bakshi on the WIZARDS dvd sometime if you haven't watched it already -- he talks about his days at TerryToons and there's a b&w photo of him playing baseball in the parking lot during his lunch break.

  2. I loved this. Watched a zillion times on video and played it in the schoolyard with me friends. My fav were Strong Man and Tornado Man.

  3. that is a cartoon that is sooooooooooooo close to being good but...................................