Sunday, February 17, 2008

Remembering Christa Helm

During the period I was unavoidably offline, we missed the 31st anniversary of the tragic and still unsolved murder of actress Christa Helm. Didn't want to let it pass without a mention however. Now, more than ever, people are learning about this fascinating woman and her fate. Now, 31 years after her death, Christa Helm is remembered not only by friends and family but by a growing body of people who have been made aware of her incredible, almost surreal life and her failed attempt at success in show business. Now, more than ever, Christa Helm is finally, belatedly gaining the fane she craved in life.
Here's a link to my article (with John O'Dowd) on Christa- The Unsolved Murder of 1970's Hollywood Starlet Christa Helm - Page 1 of 5and a link to her family's MySpace page honoring - Christa Helm

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