Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tootsie Roll Ad

Here we have a mid-fifties Tootsie Roll ad and like many before it, it features CAPTAIN TOOTSIE. By this time, however, we were past the point of the wonderfully drawn comic strip ads by CAPTAIN MARVEL writers and artists. In fact, here we're left with simply a badly drawn head shot. The candy kept on rolling but Tootsie himself was retired soon afterwards.


  1. It looks like something that was added on at the last minute. It doesn't look like a professional artist did the Captain Tootsie headshot.

  2. Anonymous7:02 PM

    I have been trying to track down that ad with the photo of the Tootsie Roll Pop. It was used in a famous Pop Art collage. Your mid 50's date is just perfect. Could you tell me what comic you got it from?

    Harry Mendryk
    hmendryk at msn dot com