Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Random Panels of Comic Book Weirdness # 17

Today we have, from an old microfiche (yes, we have a huge collection of those here at the library, too. And a reader!) ACTION COMICS # 32, our old friend Clark Kent, tinkering in his laboratory(?) and coming up with the "startling invention" of the "Krypto-Raygun" (named after his dog for some reason?). As you can see, said gun snaps photos. It then develops them inside itself and then can even project them! Hmmm...Clark, ol' pal. I hate to tell you but this looks more like one of those cheesy little gimmicks you could order for only a buck in the ads in your own comic book! You know! "Hey, kids! Startling new Krypto-Ray Gun takes pictures and then shines them on your ceiling! Embarrass your parents! Scare your sister! Wake up the neighbors! Hours of mindless fun for only one dollar! Order today!"


  1. I think there was such a toy and it was a slide projector.

  2. I have pictures of the Krypto-Raygun on my Flickr account...


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