Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Facebook and Me

We here at the Library pride ourselves on embracing new technologies. In fact, even as we write this, we have an 8 Track player and two Beta VCRs onsite! And oh, how we love our Atari!

That said, yesterday your humble host, bowing to pressure from various directions, took the plunge onto…FACEBOOK! I’d like to thank Howard Cruse(Loose Cruse: The Blog )for becoming my very first FACEBOOK friend! Above is a nifty piece combining Cruse’s BAREFOOTZ and WENDEL characters. This was published as the cover of a 1989 San Diego Con update newsletter. (That was the year I paid for it but then didn’t get to go. Much like this year’s situation at Mid-Ohio Con.)
So far, I’m having fun looking up everyone I’ve ever met and checking THEIR friends out. Batton Lash( Supernatural Law), Fred Hembeck and Tony Isabella (Tony's Message Board - Message Index)--friends of the Library every one-- have kindly joined my list along with various relatives and co-workers and I’ve apparently joined a Don Rosa Fan Club based in Cairo, Egypt! If you’re a regular here and you’re on FACEBOOK, look me up there and let me know. You’re all friends to me!

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  1. I tried to get into Facebook but never really "got it". But I do have a MySpace page& really enjoy that.

    Oh yeah, the reason I wrote....great cartoon pic of Batman & Robin! Howard's a great artist!

    BATMAN FAN? Visit The Bat-Blog:

    Thanks, Tommy