Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Burt Ward and Me

I've never met Burt Ward but when I was 7 years old back in 1966 he became one of my favorite people and made Robin--both on TV and in the comics--one of my favorite characters. In fact, when my friend Doug and I played Batman, I let him be the Caped Crusader so I could always be the Boy Wonder! That was just last mont...NO! That was in 1968. Ahem!

Below is some artwork I did of Robin and Batman back in the day.

Anyway, apologies for inconsequential posting over the next few days but you see I'm going to be busy transcribing an interview with that very same Burt Ward for another blog. It's not one that I did myself and not for one of my blogs but still...ya gotta love the Internet!


  1. Absolutely SAME feelings for me, sir.

    I LOVED how Burt did Robin and it certainly made the Boy Wonder pretty much my out-right favorite character. I always wanted to do a cosplay as him, but darn I'm WAYYY too tall to pull it off.

    It made me love the early Cardy Titans as well, but I couldn't stand that cowlicked Mego Robin headsculpt.

    But Burt really, REALLY made that character come alive..!!

  2. Did you ever read "Boy Wonder My Life In Tights"
    by Burt Ward. I read that after reading "Back To The Bat Cave" by Adam West. Either Ward has an active imagination or West was being modest.