Monday, December 30, 2013

R.I. P. Keith Harrell---2010

As we reflect on those who have left us in the soon to depart year, I was surprised to find that my all-time favorite motivational writer and speaker, Keith Harrell, passed in October of 2010--three years ago. 

At some point in the early 2000's, Waldenbooks/Borders hired him to speak at one of their regional meetings. Not mine. He was, however, SO well-received that even though they couldn't afford him for all the meetings, they recorded him and showed the video to all of their OTHER regional meetings. 

To say I was impressed was putting it mildly. He was funny, effortlessly charming, and ultimately, uplifting in a way I had never felt before no matter how many Anthony Robbins tapes I used to listen to in the eighties.

Along with several others, I requested a cassette of this talk and I was given one by the powers that be. I've probably listened to it 50 times in the years since in my car.

But not recently.

Having been gone from the daily commute for 5 full years this week, I no longer had cause to play long cassettes. In fact, the cassette player in my car no longer works and I have only two left inside. 

So I hadn't listened lately.

I didn't know.

Rest in peace.

And thanks.


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