Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Worse

The problem with my computer's blackouts is getting worse it seems. Many more this week than usual. Thanks to an unexpected but very welcome contribution yesterday to our drive to get me a new computer, we are now over $1300.00 toward the $2000.00 goal. We're going to get there. Eventually. I've been selling stuff this week and adding that to the fund as well. My wife is working now but we're still paycheck to paycheck and that isn't helped when my abilities to bring in income are curtailed by the unreliability of my computer. As I say, we're going to get there. But I'd rather get there sooner than later so I can feel like I'm living up to my commitments to my family, to those companies and individuals I do work for, and to those of you who read my blogs. I'm sure you're as tired of my asking for a contribution as I am of having to do it but if I don't keep asking, it gets forgotten. Today I'm slowly making my way through a transcription job on my wife's old laptop because the Mac died again last night after a fruitful 5 hours that lulled me into a false sense of security. There are so many needy causes around these days but I would greatly appreciate it if you'd help me stay in business if you can. Thanks.

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