Saturday, July 07, 2012

Bronze Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Saturdays # 70

We're almost to the end of the original run. The new suit didn't drive sales after all. That said, here we have quite a good splash by Tuska/Colletta with some good interior art throughout. No obvious retouching here. Just the lead character, almost perfectly famed by the yellow of the belt and the chains and the red variations of the title lettering. The coloring even adds to the underwater effect with the gradations of blue. A shame that Nita looks like a totally different character in this issue than she had been not so long before.

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  1. yes, i agree. this is a good splash page. by now marvel simply didn't know what to do with the character or how to do it. with the demise of this series in two issues the decline of namor would be in full effect. by the 80's and an arrival of new artists/writers + fans marvel seemed to show little regard or respect for it's oldest character. by the 21st century they now generally portray he has a blow hard braggart who can't back it up. recently he was defeated by ben grimm TWICE under water. previously the thing solo had never been able to accomplish this under water or on land. the thing had always had to have the ff for back-up when facing namor previously to win.