Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yoe Books # 2--The Carl Barks Big Book of Barney Bear

The second of four brand spanking new hot off the presses Yoe Books debuting at Comic-Con International, THE CARL BARKS BIG BOOK OF BARNEY BEAR is a real treat! For fans who have always doted on the work of Disney's "Good Duck Artist," here we have a treasure trove of more of the same only featuring MGM's Barney Bear and his sometime movie sidekick, Benny Burro.

These stories were done by Barks for Dell Comics in the 1940's, originally appearing in TOM & JERRY. Just as he had done with Donald Duck, Barks managed to give more character to the four-color version of the character than the technicolor version ever had! Although these short stories are nowhere near as elaborate as some of Unca Carl's later, longer Scrooge McDuck extravaganzas they do offer hours of fun.

For those of you familiar with a book from a few decades back called BARKS BEAR BOOK, this volume is much more than a reprint of many of the same stories. For one thing, THE CARL BARKS BIG BOOK OF BARNEY BEAR offers state of the art color printing from the original comics rather than the black and white photocopies in the other volume. It also has an extensive history of Barks, Barney and the comics as well as both an introduction and a nifty new cover art from BONE's Jeff Smith!

THE CARL BARKS BIG BOOK OF BARNEY BEAR is a book for anyone and everyone who loves truly masterful cartooning. By way of full disclosure, I did proofreading and a little fact-checking on this one and my wife suggested the title. If you only know Barney Bear from the sometimes sluggish MGM cartoons, you really don't know the whole story until you see Carl Barks' version. Ignore the name in the ad below. That's the correct book. Order yours now!

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