Friday, July 08, 2011

Y-The Last Man

I'm led to believe that writer Brian K Vaughan wrote for LOST. I never saw a single episode. That said, I've been reading some of his Vertigo series, Y-THE LAST MAN recently and it makes me wish perhaps I had.

In the manner of Terry Moore, this series seems to tell one cohesive--if occasionally episodic--story from start to finish over like 80 issues. The basic plot is that all males die suddenly and messily..except for Yorick and his pet monkey. The rest is extrapolated from what might actually happen after that.

The art is consistently good but it's completely the writing that wins me over here. Uncensored completely and yet not exploitative so one quickly gets used to it. The characterizations are better than in most comics, particularly as they don't seem to have stemmed all from the same mind. Each person really does have quirks and depth to the point where, when they're threatened, you really do feel for them.

Check your local library or order Vol. 1 below. There are a lot of volumes and it'll be forever before I can get to the end but I will and quite frankly, I think Y-THE LAST MAN is now my favorite Vertigo series...including SANDMAN!

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