Saturday, July 30, 2011


I'm told some of you actually care about these occasional updates so here's another one.

We are okay. Financially, our windfall of a few months ago has kept us going and taken care of some bills, car problems and health issues but is now dwindling quickly.

In spite of brand new brakes, the car now seems to have a struts problem!

My wife remains out of work but she has a job interview coming up this week.

Son bookdave, although beset by hearing issues in recent weeks, blew away a test that will now allow him to move ahead by skipping 9th grade math this next school year. He has the option of doing the same for 10th grade math but has chosen not to do so.

Me, I had a recent health scare over "dangerously high" blood pressure. I'm still fighting a losing battle at taking off the fifty extra pounds I've added over the past two years, I've got some eye issues, muscle issues and I can no longer walk a block without it feeling like I'm dying.

I haven't technically given up photography but when you've had a model who's so much on your wavelength for three years, I fear nothing from this point can possibly compare so...for now...the camera is reserved for cute kitty pics.

Although I am still seeking a steadier income, I continue to think of myself now as underemployed as opposed to UNemployed. I have a short story I need to finish up, an e-book I'm working on, a spec script and, of course, 8 blogs (plus I.T.C.H.) all of which are now bringing in a leeeetle income. Still associated with Yoe Books, I am currently running that company's Twitter and Facebook pages. Then there's Booksteve Rarities--rare, good quality DVD's--a site I run in conjunction with author Martin Grams. I get a percentage of all sales through there. A few other irons in the fire and still open to proofreading/transcription/research and editing gigs although they've been scarce lately.

Donations through PayPal if you like what you see are still happily accepted and encouraged. See above right.

If you haven't checked out my newest and grooviest blog, 1966--MY FAVORITE YEAR, I'd love to know your thoughts on it.

BTW--This next month marks the sixth anniversary of BoOkStEvE's LiBrArY! Stay tuned for more pop goodness!


  1. Yes, its good to read updates on what's going on from you. Not to mention the blogs.
    Is the ebook collecting the 1966 blog/journal entries? I'd been meaning to suggest that to you, its a book I'd love to get for Kindle.

  2. Sadly, no. The problem with collecting any of my blog posts is the copyright issue. It's one thing to "share" images online but for an actual collection--virtual or otherwise--one needs to clear rights. Too complicated at this time.