Saturday, April 02, 2011

Irving Klaw Ad-1948

Irving Klaw both started out and ended up (I believe) selling movie star photos through the mail and from his store in New York. In between, however, he and his wife developed a rather notorious reputation for selling made to order bondage and fetish photos. Among their models was the now iconic Miss Bettie Page. Here's a 1948 full page non-fetish ad from a teenage comic book.


  1. It wasn't his wife who worked with Klaw on the bondage and fetish photo business, but his sister, Paula, who I had the pleasure of speaking with on a couple of occasions at Movie Star News in Manhattan back in the late '80s, before she passed.

  2. Having read extensively about Klaw, I'm sure I knew that at some point but I had totally forgotten it now. I am old. Thanx!