Sunday, October 07, 2012

Annette Funicello-Her Life With Multiple Sclerosis

The pop culture of the fifties and sixties wouldn't have been the same without Annette. From THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB to ZORRO and THE DANNY THOMAS SHOW to BEACH BLANKET BINGO and THE MONKEY'S UNCLE, she was truly America's wholesome sweetheart.

Then she was struck with MS.

 In recent years, via the power of the Web, I've spoken with several folks who know Annette so I'd heard some of her story already. Her husband has decided to take it public with the devastation of the past 25 years in hopes of raising awareness and maybe--just maybe--helping someone else!

For fans of the eternally youthful and ethereal icon, this is a tough clip to watch--in 2 parts actually, about 20 minutes. But it's important. Necessary, perhaps. At the end of the day, Annette's story was and remains a love story--just a different kind of love.

Go here to watch:

Then go here to help:

We still love you, Annette!

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