Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's Recap

Just a warning that there is yet again a very real chance that we may end up being offline for a while after the first due to lack of payment. Should this occur--or even if it doesn't--we wanted to remind you that there are plenty of cool things to read on all 12 of the Booksteve Blogs.

This blog, BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY, is celebrating its 6th year this year and there are over 3000 posts you can go back and pick up on dealing with forgotten films, cool comic books, Linda Blair, Hayley Mills, ads, book reviews and much more.

GOING FOR BROKE-THE CHRISTA HELM STORY archives our exclusive coverage of the life and murder of the tragic starlet. A fascinating story that may soon become an e-book.

HOORAY FOR WALLY WOOD--Wallace Wood died in 1981 but 2012 is easily his most successful year ever with two lovely new hardcover books out so far and two (or maybe four!) more due by the end of the year. You'll find lots of rare photos and examples of his work here. More than 700 posts here.

SHADES OF GRAY--Similar to the above, this one shares the art of the unique comics artist and sci-fi painter, Gray Morrow who died a decade back.

THE BOOKSTEVE CHANNEL is our newest blog, highlighting my personal relationship with television shows an specials from the past five decades.

BOOKSTEVE PRESENTS is following my attempts at learning about Italian slow cooking to promote a new Italian slow cooker cookbook.

DAYS OF ADVENTURE offers issue by issue highlights from nearly fifty years of ADVENTURE COMICS, home to, among others, Sandman, Superboy, the Spectre, the Bizarros and The Legion of Super Heroes.

FOUR COLOR SHADOWS is my Rondo-nominated blog reprinting rare, interesting or unusual comic book stories from the thirties to the sixties. It's been getting a lot of good press lately and as of this writing there are 660 stories there you can read!

A GEEK'S JOURNAL, 1976 is the one that really went through the roof. All last year, day by day, we posted my high school diary to a bizarre and wonderful level of acceptance. This one will be going away soon--with an expanded book to possibly follow!

1974, A GEEK'S FIRST JOURNAL is the (surprisingly) much demanded follow-up chronicling the movies, comics and dirty magazines in the life of 15 year old me back in the mid-seventies.

After those two years, go back even further to 1966, MY FAVORITE YEAR, in my opinion the single best pop culture year of the 20th century. 386 posts of music, books, movies, TV and comics there.

And finally, BOOKSTEVE'S BOOKSTORE PLUS! was quite successful in netting us some much needed money last year but sales have fallen off drastically. If you get your tax refund or have a little extra, please take a look at the more than 100 items still offered there, many recently marked down form already low, low prices!

Find links to all of the above over on the right sidebar and enjoy! Don't forget to let us know what you think!

As always, many thanks for everyone's support. We aren't going anywhere, even if we do end up getting briefly interrupted. So keep checking back for more pop culture goodness!

Coming up next month--The final Cincinnati Old Time Radio Con and the annual Stevens Point, Wisconsin Weekend-long Trivia Contest! And on the Wally Wood blog, my review of the variant edition of IDW's incredible new EC original art book! (Thanks to Scott D. for snagging me a copy!)

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