Friday, March 09, 2012

Announcing: Booksteve Presents

Okay, we tried this a couple weeks ago but it didn't take for various reasons. Now, we're trying it again. Cider Mill Press assigned me to promote a new book of theirs entitled ITALIAN SLOW COOKING. Now I love Italian food but I'm generally satisfied with a lasagna of one sort or another or a simple pasta dish with a sauce. And quite frankly, it's been at least a decade since I had used a slow cooker and I wasn't thrilled with them even then.

But the recipes in the book intrigued me. I realized that the fact that I didn't know much about either Italian cuisine or slow cooking could work to my advantage and I decided to use it that way.

In my new blog, BOOKSTEVE PRESENTS, I'll be promoting one item in some depth. In this case, I will be teaching myself about Italian foods and slow cookers using this new cookbook and trying and reporting on the recipes! This could be fun (to say nothing of delicious!). We picked up an inexpensive brand name slow cooker a couple of weeks back and we're planning on trying the first recipe this weekend.

Whether or not you have any intention of buying ITALIAN SLOW COOKING, I ask you to check out my daily updates at BOOKSTEVE PRESENTS for what promises to be a fun and educational experiment!


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