Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Jack Kirby and The Black Hole

Gleaned from various Net sources here is some little seen jack Kirby art from his newspaper comics adaptation of Walt Disney's movie, THE BLACK HOLE. This was later reprinted in part in one of the Disney Digest magazines early in the 21st Century. 


  1. Thanks for posting these. The Black Hole is one of my nostalgic favorites. Do you know which Disney digest had the art and how much of it?

  2. I think it was called DISNEY COMIC ZONE and THE BLACK HOLE ran in the last couple of issues before the mag was discontinued. Was maybe 2007-2008, I think. The story was NOT finished by the time they stopped publication.

    I have it around here somewhere.

  3. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Disney Digests have great characters and Uncle Scrooge and Mickey stories, and more, that are not easy to find in reprints.

    I recall this Kirby strip (parts of it I read) in the original run, when Black Hole was released in theaters and I was just a kid...

  4. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Only the first 6 installments were reprinted in what turned out to be the last issue of Comic Zone.

  5. Perhaps I should add this to me "things to do" list. I only recently "finished" (not completely) assembling & restoring the Jesse Marsh adaptation of "20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA", a much-earlier feature of the same newspaper series, "Walt Disney's TREASURY OF CLASSIC TALES".

    The movie "THE BLACK HOLE" had stunning visuals, but an AWFUL, soul-less script. At least Jack Kirby managed to make the strip look interesting, despite having to follow someone else's layouts. Imagine what Kirby might have managed if he'd done it HIS way?