Sunday, September 18, 2011

Silver Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Sundays # 31

The blue carpet is still that garish color from the past few weeks but the rest isn't bad. I do like this one in spite of once again missing our star.

Sal Buscema's Ben Grimm is a bit odd looking but I'm tempted to blame that on Esposito not really "getting" the shadows right on his rocky "look." On the other hand, Triton looks cool, doesn't he? And I love Roy's dialogue for The Thing.

No action here but to a Marvel fan in those days, the mere presence of these two characters was intriguing enough to make one want to find out what they do next...even if Ben just continues to watch LAUGH-IN reruns.


  1. I think the problem with Ben is Sal Buscema's (this may have been the first time he drew him). He made the legs too long. The Thing should no more look like a guy in a costume than Howard the Duck should--or at least in comics he shouldn't have to.

  2. i could not find booksteve's library silver age sub-mariner splash page sunday #31.

  3. Triton indeed does look cool. i never understood the boots, gloves and stripe up his arm however. it seems like he would just go with the trunks like namor does. Triton was always like the cretaure from the black lagoon gone super-hero to me.

  4. My mistake, John. This IS 31.

    As far as Triton's outfit, I seem to recall that the little stripy things up the arm and such are part of the rig they made up early on so that he could breathe out of water.

  5. thanks for the info about triton's stripe. thank you also for the info pertaining to this week's number.

  6. good ole wikipedia: "Powers and abilities

    Triton is a member of the Inhuman race, artificially mutated by the Terrigen Mist, giving him scaly greenish skin, a small dorsal fin running from the base of the skull to the forehead, membranous fins extending from his temples, and webbing between his toes and between his fingers. Triton is able to breathe water, to swim at great speeds, and to withstand the pressures of the deep sea. He cannot naturally breathe air and needs near-constant contact with water to survive, and cannot exist out of water without artificial aids. His resistance to deep sea pressure also gives him superhuman strength and speed underwater. He has the ability to survive underwater indefinitely, and the ability to withstand the temperature and pressure of ocean depths.

    Triton has undergone basic Inhuman royal militia training. When on land, Triton employs a water circulation system consisting of lengths of plastic tubing which run along his torso and limbs, maintaining a constant mist of water and providing a supply of fresh water to his gills."