Saturday, September 03, 2011

Help Skip Williamson!

Legendary underground artist Skip Williamson was hit had by last week's hurricane when it hit Vermont. Skip had just recently published his new e-Book, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION which he describes as:

A history, from my viewpoint, about the founding of the underground comix movement...and much more. And yeah, the usual heaping spoonfuls of sex and carnage.

Skip's not asking for handouts but that you buy a copy to help him out! Remember, whether or not you have a Kindle doesn't matter at all as Amazon now offers a free Kindle app for PC, Mac, IPods, electric toasters, etc. Only $5.99!

If at all possible order this book. Before the flood wiped us out I'd only sold six books off my Facebook page and now, living like a refugee and a starving artist, I'm completely tapped out. Consider it flood relief.

As you all know, I'm pretty much broke but I just ordered a copy. Watch for a full review next week! In the meantime, why don't YOU order it, too and let me know what you think.

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