Friday, June 23, 2006

Linda Blair-Sweet Hostage

Day after day, more people from around the world stop by here looking for Linda Blair photos than for any one other thing. I continue to be just amazed at that fact. Well, something tells me that these aren’t exactly the type of photos they’re looking for but they are lovely shots of the teen actress circa 1974. Also, here’s an article about her by Cincinnati’s legendary TV columnist (and close personal friend of often feuding Malibu neighbors Larry Hagman and Burgess Meredith) Mary Wood from 1975. The article was tied to the TV premiere of what may well have been Linda’s best starring vehicle, SWEET HOSTAGE. She plays a simple country girl kidnapped by Martin Sheen’s handsome, literate, poetry-spouting escaped mental patient. Eventually, the two grow closer and learn about life from each other, a fact that, in a TV movie, can only lead to tragedy. If anyone out there knows Linda, I repeat my offer to help with her autobiography. I don’t think she knows just how popular she is!

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  1. What is needed is a picture of her from the commercial bumpers of Linda biting into an apple.