Monday, June 12, 2006

Jack Jackson

When I did my posting on SLOW DEATH yesterday, I'm sorry to say that I was not aware of the passing of Jack Jackson last Thursday. I try to keep up but somehow I missed this one until I saw Fred Hembeck 's tribute this morning . I said in my original post that Jaxon's work "rattled me." I didn't mean to imply that this was a bad thing. Something I discovered over the years is that not all art is pretty. At its best, art makes you think and feel and sometimes disturbs your comfort zone. Jack Jackson's art was in his writing as well as his illustrations. Although never a big fan, I definitely grew to appreciate his work over the years, especially his historical pieces, and I recommend checking it out if you aren't familiar with it. Many of his books were published by Fantagraphics. here's a link to their message board on his death: Jack Jackson 1941-2006 - The Comics Journal Message Board

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