Thursday, November 24, 2005

What Hath Gardner Fox Wrought?

I used to love Earth 2. Seriously. It was my very favorite Earth...until it retroactively never existed. Like anything else good, it was done to death until it became a cliche and then worse, a liability. Now I understand that DC is bringing it backin some half dozen or so mega-crossovers. I have this information third hand from the blogs as I no longer have any desire to keep up with these over-muscled characters named after my old friends that populate comics these days. You can't purposely recapture something special! It's like last year when my twenty-one year old friend Brittany asked me if I would help her dye her hair purple. As a fortysomething married male, it seemed unlikely that I would get this request very often so even my wife agreed that I should take her up on it. I did and we had a bizarre, surreal and marvelous time. This past summer, she asked me if I would help her again but I begged off this time. It just wouldn't have been the same. DC, listen to me! I think this Denis Fujitake cartoon clipped from CBG way back in the seventies covers it all pretty well. It's all a gimmick to sell more comics so they can get more superhero properties licensed for the big screen. I miss Earth 2 but it really is too late to bring it back and have it be a good thing. Sigh. I can't read DC any more. I'm glad I'm finally old enough to really appreciate Disney comics!

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Kip W said...

You'll be glad to know that there's this alternate Earth where they never had a Crisis and they never stopped doing those goofball 60s stories.

I had a dream a few years ago -- a variant on my "finding Ditko Spiderman comics on a spin rack at 7-11" dream -- in which my friends and I were going to visit a newsdealer. She was this old lady who was SO fiercely independent that she still got in new ECs every month.

Well, there's still back issues.