Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Library

I found and pieced together a couple shots of the Library itself that I thought readers might like to see. That's me, of course, standing proudly(if a bit awkwardly) in front of the wall that features our books on cartoons, foreign films, cult films, classics, biographies, radio, television and rather noticably, Russ Cochran's EC sets. You can also see some DC mini-comics and Archie Digests as well as the first bookcase of the history and science section to the right in the photo. Beyond that would be the music sections. The opposite side of the room fetaures two overflowing bookcases of comics related books as well as an oversized display of mass markets. In the corner are a couple spinner racks knicked from the trash at Waldens and B&N and a display of giant sized hardcovers. Two bookcases of religious and spiritual books round out this main room (and in this house, that includes everything from the Torah to Wicca to Josephus!)The REST of the books are either in the living room or upstairs. Your Librarian is off sick today but if I feel up to it Ii may post something more substantial later.

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