Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Speed's Trixie

Not much time today but I did want to mention that, over the weekend, courtesy of Derek Tague (who has more connections than Kevin Bacon!), I was able to have a delightful phone conversation with Corinne Orr who provided the voice for Trixie and Spritle on SPEED RACER (as well as, more recently, Snuggles, the snuggly soft bear in commercials). A very nice, friendly woman and a marvelous voiceover artist. Thanks for calling, Corinne and special thanks to you, Derek!

This page http://www.glowingdial.com/interview_list.htm has an audio interview with Ms. Orr (as well as many other interesting people!)

1 comment:

Rick Phillips said...

Steve it is great that you got to talk to "Trixie" I thought that she was dead.