Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lorenzo and Henrietta Music

No one seems to recall much about this short-lived syndicated series from 1976, including me, but I liked it enough to clip this ad. The late Mr. Music, for those not in the know, was a comedy writer who worked for the Smothers Brothers and created THE BOB NEWHART SHOW. He later voiced Carlton, the unseen doorman on RHODA and then on an Emmy award winning animated TV special. Eventually, though, he became known as the voice of GARFIELD in lots of TV specials and later the truly nifty TV series that featured Mark Evanier as writer and voice director.

This series, featuring Lorenzo and his wife, was hard to categorize even at the time as I recall. The fact that the word "music" was in the title was played up for comedy but I think it still confused folks who tuned in expecting mostly music. It was a daily talk/variety show with celebrity guests that ranged from Mary Tyler Moore to obscure comedians and singers. The series never pickd up steam and lasted only about a month.

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