Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bob Wood Ads

Here we have two early 1940s ads from Lev Gleason comics, both drawn by the ill-fated (look him up) Bob Wood. As a  comic book artist, Wood's style was very much influenced by Chester Gould by way of "Bob Kane's" Batman. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kurtzman? Mole?

Here's a 1981 Batman story by Conway and Thomas and Colan in which a Dr. Kurtzmann (sic) has created MOLE. And here's a 1950s story in which a Mr. Kurtzman created Mole! 33 years ago and I just now GOT this little homage.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Mickey Mouse and the Movie Stars

Spotted these on eBay. Look to have been parts of a collectible card set. Seems like there were at least 112 of them. Based on the personalities here, I'd date these most likely to the mid-1930s. William Powell, Jimmy Durante, Harpo Marx and Edward G. Robinson. Why they have Harpo--of all people--talking is a more difficult question!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Swamp Men

As near as I can tell, I didn't actually contribute anything to this latest issue of COMIC BOOK CREATOR but they sent it to me anyway and I want to highly recommend it! 

At 197 pages, this is the long delayed BOOK, basically, detailing the histories of all of comics' various swamp monsters. The Heap, The Glob, Swamp Thing, Man-Thing and a surprising selection of similar mucky mucks are all highlighted and given the spotlight treatment from guest editor George Khoury and regular editor Jon B. Cooke.

With lots of rare art and photos in color and black and white, this was clearly a labor of love and well worth the steeper than normal cover price if you've ever enjoyed some of these often excellent comic books. 

In fact, the issue is ON SALE now for 15% off that regular price if you order at this link:

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thunderworld Adventures

The actual DCU Capt. Marvel is now a behooded dark figure named Shazam. This ain't him. As part of DC's MULTIVERSITY concept, this one-off deals with a universe where a close facsimile to the original Marvel Family resides. Writer Grant Morrison cleverly manages to avoid mentioning the M word (Marvel) 
almost entirely while still channeling Otto Binder's original Fawcett stories, albeit with his own patented meta touch. It's a fun story on its own and yet a puzzle piece to the full scale Multiversity project.

Booksteve Recommends! 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Help Kay Parker

If you're the type who avoided such movies in the so-called Golden Age of Porn back in the seventies and eighties, then you've probably never heard of Kay Parker. If, on the other hand, you DO remember when porn films were actual independent movies with plots that just happened to have explicit sex, then you will no doubt recall Ms. Parker. She wasn't like most porn stars. She was older, she could actually act, she was funny and she had a genuine touch of class. She was memorable...for many reasons.

Now comes word via Ashley West at The Rialto Report that in the real world Ms. Parker is having some difficulties and could use some help. Here's what they have to say:

Earlier this year, we did an audio interview with ex-adult film actress, Kay Parker ( that remains one of our most popular episodes.
More recently I contacted Kay and learned that she is experiencing severe financial difficulties which have forced her out of her home. A few months ago she was forced to move out of her apartment and has effectively been homeless since then, relying on the kindness of friends for a place to stay. She would love to move into a place of her own, but has struggled to collect together enough money for a down payment to cover the first and last month's rent plus a security deposit. Due to the low-paying nature of her work, she has little hope of coming up with this herself.
Together with Jill Nelson and Mark Murray, we wanted to reach out and invite people to help Kay over this festive season, and see if we can all raise some money to assist her into new housing.
To do this, we have set up The Golden Age Appreciation Fund to highlight Kay's need, and also make it easy for anyone who wishes to make a donation to her. Together we can help Kay get back into a place of her own.
Please donate via the following link. This is a non-profit initiative and every penny donated to Kay will go directly to her.
We intend to keep this fund drive open over the entire holiday season and it will run until Friday 9th January 2015. Please give anything you can - no donation is too small - and feel free to also leave your message to Kay with the donation. We will ensure that it is all passed on to her.
Thanks so much.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Well, here we are nearing the end of another year. Here are a few updates.

Looking at starting yet another blog in the New Year, one dealing with an aspect of pop culture that seems under-appreciated on the Net but which has been astoundingly popular through the years. Details soon.

In the last stages of finishing up Kathy Coleman's autobiography which it looks like will be self-published.

My secret project has had a setback but is far from dead. Awaiting new information as to how to proceed.

Still have a backlog of problem interviews that I'm transcribing for others as well as a long-range typing project that's nowhere NEAR where it should be by this point.

Speaking of interviews, through odd coincidence I was put in touch with a couple of folks that it looks like I will be interviewing myself early in the New Year. Just need to figure out how now that my old telephone recorder has nothing to attach to anymore.

Healthwise, this year a way. The good news, I suppose, was that I was able to actually GET health insurance for the first time since 2008 so we could diagnose my hernia, my triggerfinger, my diabetes, my heart issues, my weight problem, my kidney problem, my sleep apnea, and now my skin cancer, all of which are being addressed thanks to Obamacare!

Seems like yet another year in which carrots were dangled and then pulled away. I'm tired of it. So tired. But I don't know what to do as I need to get myself back in better shape before I can even consider a job with a regular income. Right now, I can't walk out to the trash without having to spend 10 minutes to recover.

Sorry. Gets so frustrating. But we're still here and that's a start!

Time keeps on slipping into the future.