Friday, October 24, 2014

Captain Hadacol

Facebook friend Bruce G. sent me a copy of the image below and I had no idea what it was. This being teh Internet, however, I'm now pretty well-versed in the fact that Captain Hadacol and his comic book and club were used as advertising shills for Hadacol, a Louisiana patent medicine from the mid-20th century. described as "a little honey, a little alcohol and some Vitamin B." For the full fascinating story, go here:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

King Solomon's Kickstarter

In the early 1970s, a small company called Skywald popped up as competition to Warren Publishing's black and white horror mags. With titles that included PSYCHO, NIGHTMARE and SCREAM, they offered some surprisingly good stories, often by old-timers at first but later mainly by talented newcomers. Without doubt, the best thing to come out of Skywald was the US debut of artist Pablo Marcos.

After a career in mainstream comics, Marcos became known more by kids in this country when his studio in the Philippines illustrated a long series of classics for children sold as bargain books in the chain stores.

Now comes my Facebook pal Stephan Friedt with an all-new Kickstarter campaign for what looks to be a beautifully painted adaptation of KING SOLOMON'S MINES from Pablo Marcos with Mark Ellis. As always, I understand. Everything wants your money these days. But if you like good art and classic stories--especially if you were a fan of comics in the '70s--please give this project our consideration.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Craig Yoe Receives the Jerry Bails Award-2013

This has been up nearly a year but I just now discovered it online--friends and mentor Craig Yoe accepting the Jerry Bails Award at last year's Detroit Fanfare show with a great speech.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Chevy Chase on Ernie Kovacs-1977

Ernie Kovacs died when I was 3 years old and I didn't remember him at all. By 1977, however, I had read enough histories of television that I knew he must have really been something! Chevy Chase was the comedy flavor of the month at that point and the premiere of the PBS series, THE BEST OF ERNIE KOVACS, led TV GUIDE to enlist him to sing Ernie's praises. It was enough to get me  glued to my set every Tuesday night while the show was on and I quickly became a big fan.