Friday, June 23, 2017

Help Mike and Ellie--GoFundMe

Mike Accord aka Lon Madnight is the husband of one of my first and dearest Facebook friends, Rose Fox, aka Ellie Accord. This week he had a stroke. Bad enough but while working to save him, the doctors discovered cancer. 

Please take a moment to read more about Ellie and Mike here and hep if you can. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kathy Imrie

Had a lovely talk on the phone today with Kathy Imrie. Kathy's perhaps best known for her role in SHAFT'S BIG SCORE from 1972 but she also appears in the unreleased LET'S GO FOR BROKE which I continue to research. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Adam West's Other Life 1955-1959

More than a decade before he entered the Batcave, the late Adam West was a very popular radio announcer/disc jockey in Hawaii under his real name of Bill Anderson! He was so popular that even after he headed...well...EAST to Hollywood and changed his name, the local papers continued to refer to him as Bill Anderson and report his every success in the big time!

Adam West R.I.P.

Adam West has passed. As with so many others in 1966, his Batman meant the world to me as a kid. My dad and I went to meet him at a car show in Cincinnati in the early 1980s. 
Rest in Peace, old chum.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

John Barrymore IS Sam Spade!

For nearly two months in 1930, the Great Profile himself, John Barrymore, was expected to be Sam Spade in the first screen version of THE MALTESE FALCON. Warner's had purchased the then recent Dashiell Hammett story as a vehicle for Barrymore but later announced that new contract star Bebe Daniels would be cast as the female lead was actually a bigger part.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Elena Verdugo-R.I.P.

Marcus Welby's sidekick and the Wolfman's love interest, actress Elena Verdugo's winning smile made her popular to several generations. She has now passed at age 92.

Rest In Peace


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Booksteve Reviews-PLRKNIB by Alex Bernstein

In 1980, at age 21, I answered a newspaper ad from a guy in Cincinnati who was forming a comedy group. I had just completed an acting course and had always wanted to be a comedy writer so this seemed perfect for me.

Over on the other side of town, Alex Bernstein, a few years younger, may have felt the same thing. Only Alex already had some street cred with a comedy radio series of his own on a local station.

From April to October of that year, both Alex and I became major players in the group. Sometimes it felt like we were the only ones taking it seriously. We both wrote sketches and performed and it seemed like we rehearsed endlessly. Being underage, Alex was unable to participate in the club shows we did but I took the lead in a sketch he wrote when we played on Fountain Square and he both wrote and starred in one of the three sketches we performed on television in August of that year.

None of that, however, is in PLRKNIB, Alex’s recently published memoir of his comedy beginnings. Why? I don’t know. To me, it was THE major part of my life that year. When the group fell apart, I kept on seeing two of the young women for a couple years and even briefly had my own offshoot comedy group which appeared twice on Alex’s radio show! He even came by the house and bought some comic books from me. Maybe that’s why I get a “thank you” in the book when none of our other group members are mentioned.

It just wasn't as big in Alex's life as it was in mine. Turns out Alex was busier than we thought that year, struggling with school, parents, a therapist, impending adulthood, etc, but also with an absolute determination to make it as a stand-up comic...even though he was too young to even get in a bar!

We fell out of touch as I, too, got swallowed up by adulthood, but Alex stuck to his dream and, against improbable odds, he really did become the youngest successful stand-up comic in Cincinnati history! This is THAT story.

PLRKNIB is an old-fashioned warts and all, behind the scenes, show biz story, the unusual title tying in to his ace killer joke. A young, gangly, James Franco (with glasses and wacky hair) would play Alex. We meet his friends, fellow students, and fellow struggling comedians, many of whom I recall from back in the day but most of whom are fleshed out here just fine for those who weren’t present.

He successfully channels his younger self’s insecurities and offers enough of his routines and jokes for the reader to get a feel for what it was like. After he made it here, he headed east to make it there. A tougher gig.

CINCINNATI Magazine ran an excerpt from the book last month and next month, Alex returns to the Queen City for a reunion of the old D.W. EYE comics at the 20th Century Theater and a booksigning at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati. He left home a successful performer all those years ago and returns a successful writer!

I suggested “getting the band back together” but of our core members, one woman denies ever being in the group, stalking another reveals several recent tragedies, and most of the rest seem to be just plain MIA.

Maybe that’s why Alex left us out completely. If so few actually remember it, did it really happen?

PLRKNIB happened, though. It’s happening now. And anyone who likes a good show biz underdog story will enjoy it.

Booksteve Recommends!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

My Secret Uncle Sam

As a kid in the mid-60s, I really wanted the MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. weapons briefcase. It's not that I watched the show all that often but it sure did look cool! One Christmas, though, I received instead the SECRET SAM knock-off weapons briefcase. But that's okay! It turned out that the one I got came with a REAL camera that used REAL film! I was 7 and it was the first time I had ever been a photographer!  I took shots of my pal Jimmy, my dad, my babysitter, and some random kids walking through the alley behind our apartment house. Cut off nearly everyone's head! Film was expensive! It was about 8 years before I was allowed to touch a camera again!

Forty years later, of course, I was briefly a professional photographer! Nowadays, though, you take 800 digital shots, delete the 700 that didn't quite work and you're considered a genius for the good ones that are left!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rich Buckler R.I.P.

Rich Buckler and I got off on the wrong foot. A long time fan, I had written something referring to his chameleon skills, his impressive ability to channel other artists’ styles without specifically swiping their work. He took offense. Later on, though, I contacted him about his work on the 1980s revival of the Archie superheroes for the Archie 70th anniversary book and he said he didn’t remember the earlier incident. He ranted about the behind the scenes issues at Archie but then gave me more moderate soundbytes that I could use...only to have the entire chapter get cut from the final book. After that, we stayed in touch for a few years, with Rich writing from time to time just to chat, or wish me a Merry Christmas, or to rant about this or that, or to discuss ideas for his autobiography which he said he wanted me to help him write. Then, as often happens, we fell out of touch.