Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Peter Pan and Alice

We're back in the children's department here at the Library today to introduce all of you comic art loving readers to another great area of art you may not have noticed before-Children's book art. What's that you say? For little kids? No action? Breasts not humongous enough? Okay, look. Here's what you have to remember, just like good music is good music whether it's Willie Nelson, the Monkees, the Dead Kennedys, Mos Def, Rachmoninoff or Sugar Ray, good illustration is just that. Childrens books often feature incredible fantasy illustrations that would absolutely blow away Marvel's flavor of the moment artists!

Today's illustrations are by Caldecott honoree Marjorie Torrey, from her mid-fifties PETER PAN and ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Enjoy and then check your local library for more. If you absolutely MUST have a comic connection, note that the books were edited by one Josette Frank who for many years was a mainstay of DC's editorial advisory board.

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