Thursday, November 17, 2005

Blue Beetle Lives!

The Blue Beetle may have been blown away in recent DC continuity but he’s actually been pretty hard to kill for very long in real life. Originally, if you think about the title for even a few seconds, a rip-off of the popular radio hero the Green Hornet, he's popped up at more different companies than the Spirit, even having been drawn briefly by Jack Kirby in a newspaper strip! What most people don’t know is that there was, in fact, a radio series version of THE BLUE BEETLE in the early 1940’s. Up until now, I’d only ever heard two episodes of this series that starred Frank Lovejoy (better known as the star of the still syndicated NIGHTBEAT series). Then, today I discovered this site that offers many episodes for free in streaming audio! (Look in Super Heroes/Sci-Fi) They also offer quite a few other radio rarities including the unsold BATMAN radio audition show and even some exciting BBC serials! Coolness all around to listen to as you enjoy your surfing!

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