Saturday, November 12, 2005

Teenage Art

Here at the Library, I recently came across a veritable treasure trove of my own artwork dating back to 1966(lots of Batman stuff!) Here, for your hoped for viewing pleasure, we offer a few computer colorized examples from my teenage years. You'll note that drawing hands has always been an issue so, when I clipped these favorite images years back, I often cropped it so the hands wouldn't show.
Astute eyes will note the obvious influences of Kirby, Wood and Ditko along with a little Vaughn Bode' touch.Maybe some Jim Starlin, too.
Most of these were simple inkpen on notebook paper at school but the guy in the hood was actually done with eraser with pencil highlights added after the fact. Sometimes I look at these things and think I missed my calling. I could have been somebody. I coulda been a contender! A few lessons, a good anatomy book and some art supplies and I might have been a Marvel star for about twenty minutes or so!

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