Monday, March 16, 2015

Pete Rose Baseball Cards

There was a time when I collected baseball cards and I was always excited to get a Pete Rose card! Not a baseball fan anymore but always a Pete fan! Today it's in the news that he has applied to be reinstated yet again after his now long-ago scandal. Guy's got all kinds of faults and issues but he's still the greatest ball player of all time and deserves to have his accomplishments formally accepted while he's still around! The man has groveled and apologized and allowed himself to be publicly humiliated time and time again. And knowing Pete from the old days, that was NOT easy for him. If he had MURDERED someone, he could have been out on parole by now! Good luck to him!

1 comment:

  1. I grew up watching Pete. I'm not going to be unhappy if he ends up getting in the Hall. His play on the field sure deserves it. I'm afraid they are waiting for him to die before they act, if they do. Minnie Minoso just passed and he never got in the Hall. Miserable.

    But Pete's sin is the greatest in sports alas, though the wall between the pros and gambling does seem to be shaking a little.

    Rip Off