Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Coming Soon: Lost Girl by Kathy Coleman

Blogging has had to take a back seat this past year as I've been working a lot doing transcriptions for various mags, blogs and authors as well as proofreading and article writing. For a year and 5 weeks, however, I was also working on piecing together LAND OF THE LOST actress Kathy Coleman's autobiography. With multiple false starts before I came into the picture, I was given 40+ hours of audio cassettes to be transcribed, edited and sorted out to tell her story from child star through today. 

And what a story it is! We took a first draft and edited it down together before adding additional bits and quite a few photos from then and now.

Last week, after no less than 5 final proofreadings from 4 different people, we pronounced the book done and it was submitted to CreateSpace. I am now currently awaiting a hard copy proof in the mail and if that looks as good as the digital proof, her book, LOST GIRL, will be made available here and via Amazon. If there's an issue left, we'll be able to identify and correct it. 

If you're interested and would like to receive an email when the book is actually available to be ordered, please message your email address to booksteve@aol.com and put LOST GIRL in the subject line. I'll be happy to let you know when it's ready...and it looks like that won't be long now!

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