Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Judee Sill-The Kiss

Okay, I know it's more than 40 years old. I'm slow, okay? I saw a random Facebook post about Judee Sill last month but had somehow never heard of her as far as I could recall. I have now immersed myself in her history and her music is wonderful. The Kiss is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Very few live clips of her around. The double tracked album version is even BETTER!, I'm still on about her weeks later now. Did you ever wake up and everything is clearly exactly the same way it was when you fell asleep...except for one thing? One nagging little thing that you wouldn't give much thought to except that you're absolutely certain it wasn't there before. 100% absolutely certain! And then if you tell anyone that, they're convinced you're nuts. THAT'S what Judee Sill is to me! The 1970s was my peak period for music interest! I was buying it, listening to it, getting the magazines and newspapers from Tiger Beat to Crawdaddy. If Judee existed, how did I miss her? Especially with her Hanna Barbera connection! Her stepfather was legendary animator Ken Muse. And her background! She was a juvenile delinquint, an armed robber, a drug addict and eventually a drug casualty. Never heard her music before but also never heard OF her and never seen her before. This is not the same world I was in before.This one has Judee whom I simply could NOT have missed for more than FOUR decades. And I like her!

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