Thursday, January 22, 2015

Old Time Movies On DVD Now Working!

Problems are finally worked out on the new DVD website and here's a selection of some of the cool stuff we offer.

One of my favorite sitcoms as a kid, Ann Sheridan is the matriarch of a family of sharpshooters in the old west. The series was a hit but Sheridan died halfway through the season so the show was canceled.

Gene Deitch's awesome and hilarious minimalist cartoon adventures as seen originally on CAPTAIN KANGAROO.

Willard Waterman, radio's second GREAT GILDERSLEEVE, stars in rare episodes from the mid-fifties TV version of the long-running sitcom.

A wide-ranging selection of comedy highlights from one of show business's true renaissance men.

If you think Groucho was funny on his TV show, you should see the bits that didn't make it on the air!

One of the great serial heroes, Buster Crabbe became quite popular as a stalwart cowboy do-gooder, seen here in no less than 21 prime examples.

And speaking of serials, here's Tom Tyler in what's been said for many, many years to be THE greatest action serial of them all! Shazam!

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