Saturday, January 17, 2015

Old Time Movies DVD . Com

Martin and webmaster Alan have just finished a massive reboot and overhaul to the Booksteve Rarities site where we offer up rarer than rare old TV shows and movies. In fact, it's no longer Booksteve Rarities at all! It's now Old Time Movies DVD . Com. So click the link here or at the bottom of this page and update your bookmarks for some incredible bargains! And remember, a portion of the money from this shared site goes to support the Booksteve blogs! And Booksteve! If you've ordered from us in the past, thank you. We hope you'll find something to like from the many new offerings we now have. If you haven't ordered before, take a look. A lot of this stuff you simply won't find--especially at these prices and in this quality--anywhere else.

We'd appreciate it if you'd give us a try, if only so we can see how well the new site works! Thanx!

Note: It's a tad slow in loading but worth the wait!

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