Saturday, January 10, 2015

Le Jouet and Marvel

LE JOUET is a 1976 French comedy/drama later remade in the US as a vehicle for Richard Pryor. The original starred the more Gene Wilder-like Pierre Richard as a man "bought" by a spoiled young rich boy as a toy. The coolest part is the boy's room, loaded with off-model Marvel super characters!

The Thing

Captain America and Cyclops

Iron Man and some sort of odd Spider-Man/Daredevil mix with an X Men belt!

Angel and a couple of Captain Marvels.

Black Bolt

Spidey and DD

A miscolored version of Iron man villain, The Unicorn, along with the off-model Spidey again.

The gang.

Yet another Mar-Vell here and below.

Jean Grey

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  1. I saw this film recently.
    this film is a critical of journalism, the bosses and more specifically the french big boss of the 70's in France: "Marcel Dassault".