Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dental Comics

One of my favorite online cartoonists has got to be my FB friend Bill Vallely. Bill's worked for everyone from Disney to PENTHOUSE but he's developed a wonderfully modern and yet retro style which he uses for fun, personalized, educational online strips covering everything from surviving cancer to eyestrain. I say strips but they're more like the educational cartoons they used to show us in school…only without the actual animation. 

Bill's latest is a piece on dental implants. Sound icky and dull? Well, Bill makes it interesting, informative, colorful and fun!

Longtime readers may recall that I lost two major upper teeth in 2008. I was provided with photo-op replacements that are virtually no good to me for actual eating or anything else. Since then I lost another major front tooth! After 2009, of course, with no regular income and no dental insurance, the thought of getting any additional work done has been impossible. After reading this strip cartoon, though, I know what I WANT at least, unaffordable as it may be!

But even if you don't need dental implants or care to know anything about them, Bill's strips are impressive as all get out and you come away knowing things you never thought you'd know, all instilled pleasantly in your brain with no muss or fuss. Try this one, then seek out his other strips and keep up with new ones as they show up. 

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  1. Wow, thank you for the share. This is really entertaining, and I love how informative these are. A fun way to talk about dental implants is always welcome!