Friday, May 04, 2012

Kickstarter Blues

Readers and fans asked for it so we're trying to do a book version of A GEEK'S JOURNAL 1976 with KICKSTARTER. After a good start a week ago, however, we've been stalled at only $127.00 in pledges. 

And that's after a couple of significant plugs including one from BOING-BOING! It seemed like a good idea at the time. Various book projects we looked at from KS were around the same amount we're asking for. We researched area printers and based on the type of paper used and color photos, it runs pretty high for all. We can't get an exact estimate without information on paper weights and things we don't yet have. Also factored in the barcodes, ISBN, copyright registration and such. Then we have to factor in print quantity as well as the ability to pay back Kickstarter and Amazon if we succeed and to get the incentives made and distributed.  Add to that we're looking at getting rights to the various photos and illustrations used on the blog, too, some of which might be given and others of which might need to be licensed. 

We've still got 37 days to go and we're still promoting the campaign daily at different boards and sites and getting plugs and tweets. But no money. If we don't make our goal in 37 days we lose nothing...except the book. If you want to see the the expanded version of my annotated high school journal, please check out the link and consider  a pledge. Thanks!

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