Thursday, May 03, 2012

Booksteve Rarities--May Highlights

As usual there's lots of new stuff at the DVD site this month. Remember: Unless otherwise marked. single DVD's are only $7.00 each. Go here for ordering details-

 THE LONE RIDER: The Complete Westerns
A total of 17 Westerns were made by PRC, a low-budget movie studio that produced a singing cowboy played by George Houston for the first 11 movies and Bob Livingston for the remaining 6 movies. Regrettably, the studio re-released the same movies under alternate titles causing not only confusion but chaos as people thought they were buying new Lone Rider movies on DVD and discovered after watching them that they bought a dupe under an alias title. We went to the trouble to ensure there are no dupes and that the set you get indeed has all 17 movies! This six-disc set contains all 17 movies! The Lone Rider Rides On (1941), The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio (1941), The Lone Rider in Ghost Town (1941), The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury (1941), The Lone Rider Ambushed (1941), The Lone Rider Fights Back (1941), The Lone Rider and the Bandit (1942), The Lone Rider in Cheyenne (1942), The Lone Rider in Texas Justice (1942), Border Round Up (1942), Outlaws of Boulder Pass (1942), Overland Stagecoach (1942), Wild Horse Rustlers (1943), Death Rides the Plains (1943), Wolves of the Range (1943), Law of the Saddle (1943), and Raiders of Red Gap (1943). $20  

HARVEY (1972 version)
James Stewart reprised his role from the Broadway play and the 1950 movie for this 1972 made-for-TV movie with Helen Hayes, John McGiver, Richard Mulligan, Martin Gabel, Arlene Francis, Fred Gwynne and a young Madeline Kahn making her screen debut. (Quality is not superb or up to our usual standards, we're mentioning this in advance.)

BLITHE SPIRIT (1956 TV special)
This 90-minute production was not only based on the Noel Coward stage play, but co-stars Noel Coward and was directed by Coward himself! Stars Lauren Bacall, Mildred Natwick, Claudette Colbert and Brenda Forbes. Originally telecast on January 14, 1956.
This seven disc box set contains 28 classic comedy shorts (each about 20 minutes in length). The bald-pated Hollywood comedy star was best remembered for his two-reelers for two decades from 1933 to 1953. Considered short sitcoms without a laugh track, these comedies are still gems. This set includes: One Live Ghost (1936), Wedtime Story (1943), Should Wives Work? (1937), Rented Riot (1937), Counselitis (1935), Lord Epping Returns (1951), Twin Husbands (1946), Down the Ribber (1936), His Pest Friend (1938), Major Difficulties (1938), Moving Vanities (1938), Wrong Room (1939), Pretty Dolly (1942), Bested by a Beard (1940), Girls, Girls, Girls (1944), Radio Runaround (1943), Let's Go Stepping (1945), Borrowed Blondes (1947), Wife Tames Wolf (1947), Oil's Well that Ends Well (1949), Man-I-Cursed (1941), The Dummy Owner (1938), Bested by a Beard (1940), Beware of Redheads (1945), I'll Take Milk (1946), Sweet Cheat (1949), High and Dizzy (1950), and Bet Your Life (1948).  $35

All ten hour-long episodes in this five-disc box set. The story of a mild-mannered New Mexico lawman was one of several Westerns on rotation under the Walt Disney Presents banner. Robert Loggia stars in the lead from 1958-1960. Includes the following episodes: The Nine Lives of El Fago Baca, Four Down and Five Lives to Go, Lawman or Gunman, Law and Order Inc., Elfago Baca, Attorney at Law, The Griswald Murder, Move Along Mustangers, Mustang Man, Mustang Maid, Friendly Enemies at Law, and Gus Tomlin is Dead.  $25 
This set is available for this month only. Limited quantity, sold on a first-come, first serve basis!

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