Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bronze Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Saturdays # 51

A nice 3-D effect with the oddly colored green villain coming off the page. The splash is exciting as our heroes, Namor and Namorita, are fired upon but this page is literally nothing next to the layouts inside. Everett's art here may well be the most frenetic and exciting panel to panel storytelling seen in comics!

There's also no denying that the artist was having much fun making Nita incredibly sexy even though she's supposed to be a teenager!

Mike Friedrich is brought in as scripter this issue and there are ties to mainstream Marvel with the introduction of an alien race seen in other titles. But this is still Everett's baby and he runs with it.

The heck with this great splash, go find a copy of this issue for some of the best comics-reading from the seventies!

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